Another interesting thing came in.


BROTURES Kichijoji store has various vehicles every day on USED.
If the body sold in the past at Browtres may come in
There are many unusual models that are not sold in BROTURES.

Of course, not only famous NJS body and CINelli Mash.
In some cases, a pretty niche and core body comes in.

Because such a very unusual body has come in today
Introducing there.

[USED] GOGO WHEELERS "Kamaen" Custom Bike ¥ 168,000 (+Tax)

Here is a porish of Bikabika.

Tokyo is a masterpiece frame of "GOGO WHEELERS", which holds SHOP in Nerima Ward
It is "Kamaen" (Kamai).

It looks like I was making a road frame
This is, of course, a single frame, a fixie bike.

In fact, it was originally a custom shop of motorcycles that mainly handle Harley.
And that achievement, over 20 years.
According to the story I heard, it is a world -class custom skill height, such as getting attention from overseas.

Indeed, it was made by making use of the welding technology cultivated there.
This is the "Kamaen".
However, this frame is actually extremely small.
It is a very rare frame that seems to have made only a dozen or more.

・ SHOP has worked on world -class skills in the motor bike industry
"Piste bike"
・ Moreover, there are only many units in the world.
(In fact, even if you google, it hardly comes out)

A frame with such a phantom Pokemon rarity
Isn't it just a little intriguing?

Choose a nostalgic Leader stem that came out of the stem.
The logo feeling, the steep sharp form,
It is rugged, delicate, and has a unique personality that is as good as the frame.

The crank is RMC, the chain is Vertex.
With a solid and rugged item, the undercarriage is not overtaken.

The wheel is very lightweight 88mm Carbon Deep Rim
It's a tubular type so it's light,

I put SOYO Super Maximum on both front and rear.
Not only is it light, but the flexibility of the cotton cage feeling is outstanding.

The wheels are gross, not mat
The chain rings and chains have been put together in silver, making it a dignified appearance with a sense of unity overall.

Of course there is no other assemble
A special one with only this in the world.

Who will be in your hand?
I'm looking forward to it now.


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