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As a merchant, my heart dances every time the product arrives,

Among the bicycle parts with as many stars
Sometimes I intuitively say, "This guy is complete."

Of course, the sensitivity and taste are really individual,
There are many such options
Bicycles are fun because the style is wide.

Personally, I'm not so good at motor nerves
It looks cool than the actual specifications
The shaping beauty of the object and the aura that are released are often stimulated.

And this time, such a product has arrived.

Rinpoch RC3230 Track Crank Set ¥ 46,000 (+tax)

The other day, I was announcing the arrival on the whole blog,
It is a crank set of "lymph pouch".

Please take a look here for the details ↑

The price is slightly expensive at ¥ 46,000
Still with a genuine chain ring
Considering that the endorsement BB is a set from our mechanic chief, it is more advantageous than competitors.
Rather, isn't it pretty good?

That's why the specifications are perfect.
As mentioned above, the personal recommendation point is for its beauty.

The presence of the actual installation is not odd than looking at it alone.
Characteristic bright blue crank bolt
A unique power of aero -shaped disk type.

The more you look, the more you are drawn in.
In particular, the cutting marks of the spider and crank arm are very delicate and beautiful.

It may be difficult for such a time
If possible, I wanted to look around the product at a zero distance. 。

Here, it will be restocked exactly, but only three points are available.
At the time of writing a blog, there are two points left.
It's already dangerous.

I often say that the first come, first served, but when this happens
Isn't it a fierce competition between early and first -served?

That's why we are waiting for you!


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