For your favorite custom.

It became warm and the scent of spring was felt, and it was the graduation season.
The students will be spending their excitement and excitement for the next course.
The scenery of graduation becomes emotion for some reason. Can you sympathize with this?

This time, we introduce custom bikes recently delivered.
Three friends came to the store.
The selected body is Local Bike Metro. It is especially supported by students because the price has been reduced.
Even with the same car body, the colors and selected parts are various according to each individuality.

Click here for the first. Add a rack to the promenade handle.
It's irresistible.
The fabric is custom and practical. It was set up in the town riding.
Recently, I feel that the gentle custom that the street color is not too strong is gaining popularity.

The second is ALL Black Custom on the street.
The handle is B903 of Fairweter. Integrated stepless stem and steering wheel developed jointly with Nitto.
It is a feature because it looks wide and old.
The wild and running on the street is a very good one.

The third one is chic. Super fashionable to say sparingly.
The handle uses a BROOKS bar tape, and the tires are the same color for side skin and straps.
Retro neated with a clean look.

How was it?
In fact, all three are customs for around 100,000 yen.
I am looking forward to the future completed type because it is still a body that is still growing.
It is a recommended way to ride from the beginning of riding because it is a body that has reduced costs.
At present, the stock is decreasing, so please order as soon as possible.
There is a custom inquiry form by mail order, so please contact us from there.

A body that can drop the image. Let's assemble one of the discerning one.


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