Mash "Steel"


By the way, today is a USED information today.
Following the arrival of VIGARELLI's electric shock last month
The mania drooling body is in stock again.

Of course, I have improved a lot,
I cut more shutters than usual.

Mash "Steel" Custom Bike ¥ 352,500 (+Tax)

Based in San Francisco, USA
Continue to reign in the piste world, no, no, bicycle.
Absolute existence "mash"

In co -production with the long -established Italian "CINELLI"
"WORK", "BOLT", "Histograph", "Parallax", etc.
For eight years, various frames have been dropped into a fixie scene.

And they went to the next stage in 2018
This is the one that was completely original“STEEL”A frame named.

As the name suggests, a sharp look that does not pretend to be a steel bike unique to a steel bike.

The tube is of course made of Columbus.
Very lightweight while having a double vated tubing with sufficient strength.

CHRIS KING for the headset
It is not noticeable, but still has a fearless appearance.

The folk shoulder engraving is outstanding.

The saddle chooses "Selle San Marco", which has collaborated with Mash in the past.

For the undercarriage, a combination that has been quite stable recently has been adopted.
It is spectacular that the world's latest technology and brand products with more than 100 years of know -how are combined.

A very high quality rim at a low price.
With a simple design of 25mm high
The sharp arch shape is beautiful and beautiful.

And the real pleasure of this frame is here.
The depth of the pocket that can be equipped with a V -brake while having a caliper dowel hole normally.
This is "Shimano DEORE XT V BRAKE"
Gatsun, and the high braking power is attractive.

Because the rear has no holes for calipers
If you put it on, it feels like chewing the plate
With a V brake like this, it does not hide the logo and does not hurt.

How about that.
Dear designs and Mash icons scattered everywhere
A body with excellent atmosphere.

And the high level of rarity is sold only in Japan outside the United States.

The culture of fixes has followed
And a rare body that can certainly feel a part of the future scene has been completed.

Why don't you take this opportunity?

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