I tried to have a leader motorcycle that ...

The story 20 years ago. APE's NIGO, YOPPY, and Hiroshi Fujiwara T19 crews, etc., made the piston bikes in this area.

A piste bike with a thrilling hardcore and a high -quality quality of the object itself.
Over time, it has evolved as an item loved by all ages, young and old.

The reason for this is that the number of female riders riding Leader® and Dosnoventa recently has increased.

This is a nice thing without my heart.
When you see a woman who rides a cool bicycle on a single gear bicycle in the city, he will follow with "Oh". Without your heart.

So this one we propose this time. The theme is out of the way ...

"Leader bike that is cool for women to ride"

The custom -based model is 725TR, which is very popular from the brand Genesis.
Since the size development is from XXS, even women in the 150cm range can be removed slowly.
Then we will introduce the details.

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Leader® 725TR Custom Bike for Women ¥ 288,000-
* The normal completed car will be ¥ 150,000.

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BROTURES T3 Carbon WHEEL Front ¥ 90,000-
It's light or air resistance, or it's cool without saying four.
Just this is good. Since the front is lighter as an effect, even those who are not confident in their leg strength can easily run uphill.

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Oh yeah, you want to ride comfortably without stretching your shoulders and elbows. understand. smile
People who have a little resistance to the forward leaning posture, this way of riding is also an ant.
Because it is finished with a fix that can raise the upper body and ride, some people are reluctant to sports bikes ◎

And the military accent also applied color coordinates to grip, pedal, and frame back.

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Fairweather Corner Bag ¥ 5,100-

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Pirelli P Zero Velo Color Edition ¥ 8,000-

Good, women's military.
Of course, men who like such a good riding taste are also welcome.
Piste bikes are not spicy vehicles.
A good bicycle that can be enjoyed flexibly with how to ride and bicycle specifications.

Then we look forward to your consultation!

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