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Tyrant bikes well -known for the highest peak aluminum pashute frame "Kagero"
When the arrival information comes out, it is so popular that inquiries are flooded not only in BROTURES Harajuku but at all stores, and it is sold out every time.

We really love this frame, and it is also true that many staff are actually riding.

If you look at the live -action at the store or are riding, you know.
"Making", "ride comfort", "looks"

Isn't this Kagero with this three beats, right?

Near Harajuku"Up Down"or"Stop & go"To run around in a lot of land
It is the best design.

In addition, this silver is Kagero"initial"Because the coloring is sampled, it is made from fans
"I've been waiting!"
There were many voices. smile

Currently, this Kagero is not all in size, but depending on the size, it can be handed immediately.
Please compare each color from the image below and choose your ideal color.

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Tyrant Bikes Kagero Frame Set SL/BK ¥ 120,000-

Tyrant Bikes Kagero Frame Set Limited Candy Red ¥ 135,000-

We are waiting for consultation/inquiry, including inventory confirmation.

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