The newest shape of the pashute

Good evening!
It's not limited to the bicycle industry
The shops are on Saturdays and Sundays, but wholesalers (wholesale) are closed on Saturdays and Sundays.

There is such a balance,
Products shipped from wholesalers on Monday after the week
It arrives at the store the next Tuesday.

Why basically every TuesdayRestock and new arrival day.
It will be the arrival storm after the arrival.
If you feel like "I don't have any interesting products ~"
Tuesday or Wednesday is recommended!

By the way, from this context, everyone thinks that it is a newly arrived part introduction blog.
Today I am different from usual.

Introducing the new arrival will be turned later

Today isthat personA little introduction & announcement.

Leader® Angelino PTG CompLETE BIKE ¥ 130,000 (+Tax)

Leader®︎ was released in September last year with a new work for the first time in three years, and a different material and a different geometry from the 7 series, and the popular RAW color was sold out in a blink of an eye.Angie」。

In fact, this guy will be restocked soon.

There are still large sizes (for about 180 cm)
In the first place, the design of the frame is huge, so many Japanese are S or M size.
Last time, this golden belt disappeared in an instant regardless of color.

Fans who are downward, please aim for this time.

From here, we will introduce various customs that have been proposed by Brotures.
Please use it as a reference for your custom!

First of all, here we prepared at our shop.
Combination of long riser with outstanding operability on SUGINO75 crank.
Since the body is a little heavier than the 7 series, this setting that can be firmly set is definitely easy to ride,
Also, the silhouette of the frame is relatively slender, so
A good balance that shines well with such a "shu" custom.

Next is gloss black! (Osaka store)
The same is true for kagero2021
A simple gloss black body is surprisingly valuable.

When combined with white parts like this
It turns around from a squid and profound appearance, and a clean impression.
It is also the real pleasure of custom that the atmosphere changes with one part!

I will return to the RAW color again,
I think this one of Harajuku custom is the most attacked.
The extremely short short grip is compact
It is the power of the presence reminiscent of the street scene of the past.
Also, by combining three batons to the front, the weight of the chromoly does not feel the weight.
It is a very lightweight custom.

What do you think.
I introduced it crispy, but it is famous for other pashute frames.
There are "Leader/Cure", "Tyrant/Kagero", "Affinity/Lopro".
Among them, this Angelino is the newest and most fresh frame.
What kind of ride it is, honestly, you'll want to ride it alone.

Regarding this riding taste, personally
If you get on speed
This is my impression.

I've been testing with various patterns of Angelino, but the impact received from this frame is very different from others.

As a major premise, the chromoly is supple and comfortable.
The geometry is tilted forward, and the speed is steadily speeding up with a design that makes it easy to speed up.
Nevertheless, there is a sense of stability that can be held with a large diameter tube.
And this sense of stability lasts even when driving at high speed, so it grows abnormally.

It is such a feeling.

A special body with these various "good" elements in a high -dimensional fusion.
That's Angekino.

Rowing on a pounding and skipping it feels great.
A frame that teaches the different pleasure of the fixes that can not be felt with a light body.

If you missed it last year, of course, you can make a reservation now, so please feel free to contact us.

Then! !

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