“Plants” in the snow

Hello, this is Toriyama.

Affinity Lopro was released and 10 days have passed.
The color of this term is that two colors, attacked and soft colors, are added, and I feel that it is a pretty -play frame.
This makes you want to see a custom that is full of people more than ever.

Today, I introduced LOPRO custom today by saying that I would like to play.
The base frame is "Snow White".

In the past, it was a silver unified custom that women would like to ride, but this time it looks a bit twisted.
As usual, color play is really fun. I'm the most exciting when I'm thinking about it (laughs)
Let's take a look.

Custom mainly for black parts with green systems.
If you buy LOPRO, I don't want to ride it normally. I want people with a habit to ride.

The wheels are thin rims according to the delicate frame pipeAdopt The Box-14.
The hub is a high -rotation system that turns aroundGREDDY LIGHT HUB greenI chose.
It's not as clear as PHILWOOD, but an alumite that can understand the texture of aluminum is good for this frame.
Greddy has already been discontinued with the truck hub of Made in Japan
Only the manufacturer's stock is left.

The handle puts a NITTO B302AA repeatedly attacked.
It is originally used for uploading, but there is no determination in the fix. I wonder if the opposite is fine.
The characteristic pashute design frame has been made to make it more useful.
When attaching this handle, it is a personal commitment to make the handle close to the stem.
This is because the bend of the wrist is natural when this one rides than to be parallel.

SIM WORKS stemI like it because it is 10 ° and stands moderately. The logo is also cute.
The top chap is that you want you to play such a place.
Godandfamous titanium top capIs recommended because it is rich in color and is different from the alumite.
If you have the color you want, we accept reservations, so please feel free to contact us.

The seat post is a stable Thomson. It is a miso that is set back 16mm.
I think this setback will make it easier to supplement this clogged design.
Of course, there are people who want to ride in front of 0, but I am the only one who feels more real.
There is no other offset of 16mm, so I want you to be fascinated by this calculated angle.
The saddle is popular SELLE ITALIA FLITE 1990.
The texture of the genuine leather in this saddle is soft and comfortable.

How was it?
In addition, the atmosphere changed at a stretch and turned into a bullish Snow White.
I want you to enjoy your own custom, but Lopro is a frame that can do that even more.
Please get the remaining LOPRO in some days.

Frame: Affinity Cycles Lopro Frame Set ¥ 89,000+Tax
Wheel: H Plus Son TB-14 × GREDDY LIGHT HUB ¥ 30,200+Tax
Crank: Blue Lug RMC Crank ¥ 14,800+Tax
Handle: Nitto B302AA Handle Bar ¥ 3,200+Tax
Stem: Nitto by Sim Works Cromo Stem ¥ 9,800+Tax
Seat post: Thomson Elite SeatPost ¥ 11,000+Tax
Saddle: SELLE ITALIA FLITE 1990 ¥ 14,500+Tax


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