Kagero Simple Custom!

It's summer. It is the momentum exceeding 30 ° C in the hottest time. I'm scared of midsummer ... smile By the way, today we introduce Kagero's simple custom! ! It's a little different from the other day's HI SPEC!
Kagero Simple Custom ¥ 220,736 (excluding tax) How about that! I'm particular about the simple but detailed places! Let's take a look!
Handle DEDA DABAR ¥ 22,800 (excluding tax) Stem CINELLI X MASH ¥ 14,000 (excluding tax) The handle has been installed DABAR. Among the bullhorn handles, there are few ease of holding, lightness, design, and so on to the right of this handle. The material is carbon and weighs 174g. It is a handle that customers who want to change to a bullhorn handle should use! ! !
SaddleFIZIK ARIONE ¥ 14,030 (excluding tax) Seat post CINELLI PILLAR SEATPOST ¥ 3,400 (excluding tax) I chose Arione for the saddle. Not VSX, not VS. It is a normal type ARIONE. I also use this, but I don't get tired even if I ride a long distance of Fizik! With the amount of pads that can not be said, it looks ◎! Please use it! !
CrankSUGINO 75 Crank Arm ¥ 21,300 (excluding tax) Chain Ring Sugino 75 SSG 49T ¥ 9,900 (tax included) The crank and chain ring are solidified with Sugino! Made in Japan's sense of security is different. Good finish and accuracy are incomparable! ! The stress is drastically reduced just to use a solid heart that conveys the rowing force! ! Now let's take a look again! ! !
It was a simple one. A 42mm ALDAY wheel will further tighten the entire vehicle on a thin frame! Kagero + bullhorn handle is an iron plate! Please come to see it because it is currently on display at the store! Adatch
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