Mizu has recently started writing blogs! ! The weather was fine until yesterday, but it looks like the rainy season from today. 。 。 The weather was nice, so I feel lonely (laughs) If the rain continues, you will still have less opportunities to ride a bicycle, right? ? Why don't you maintain it yourself when you can't get on it? ? There are many good fixes, such as fashion, and the riding of fixed gear, but I think that maintenance is easier than roads and crosses! ! Once you remember, you can do simple maintenance yourself! ! For example, tube replacement is basically easy to do yourself if you have a tire lever and an airplift! ! In addition, chains and brake wires will grow as they use metal. It is very dangerous because the brakes will be ineffective if it grows. Also, if the chain sags, the power will escape, but in the worst case, the chain may come off and accidents. After all regular maintenance is very important! ! So I have introduced it before, but we have a maintenance book! !
Of course I also looked at it, but it is recommended because it explains it very easy to understand! ! I don't think it's the main maintenance book blog (laughs) If you say the biggest enemy of maintenance, it's a dirt on your hands! ! I often worked and got on the train without removing so much dirt on my hands, and I was ashamed! ! Moreover, because it is stubborn dirt, commercially available body soap does not fall off at all. 。 。 So this time our strongest ally arrived.
PHIL WOOD HAND CLEANER ¥ 1,800 (excluding tax) This hand cleaner is out from the California component brand PHIL WOOD! ! If you have this hand cleaner, you won't be bothered by oil stains in maintenance! ! The detergent does not fall off at all, but if you use this hand cleaner, it will fall in one shot! ! It is really the strongest ally for mechanism. Tiffany blue with a stylish package! ! Also, even those who do not maintain will remove stubborn dirt, so you can use it instead of soap! ! Unlike usual, it was a blog that introduced the product, but if there are two products introduced this time, there is no scary maintenance! ! Both are on sale at stores, so if you are interested, please take this opportunity! ! Mizu
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