Leader Bike 725TR BLB05 Custom

It's a mizu that is sun -lined up on a bench outside in a long time after a long time! ! This summer, I would like to follow the blackness of Imajo and work hard on sunburn (laughs) The World Cup has begun again yesterday! ! Did you see it? ? I got up, but I fell asleep immediately. There is a match against Japan on Sunday, so I'm really looking forward to it. I think this month is the topic of the World Cup in the store! ! By the way, I want to get into the main subject soon. This time, I customized the 725TR Black mainly with Blue parts.
Leader Bike 725TR Blue Custom ¥ 316,978 how is it? ? Speaking of YOKOHAMA, I think it's Blue, and this time I install Blue I tried to introduce not only the color but also the parts, so I would like to introduce them.
BLB NOTORIOUS05 CARBON WHEEL ¥ 95,000 Excellent presence and popular BLB05 carbon wheel It looks outstanding, but it also demonstrates outstanding performance when driving! ! Baton wheels are less likely to receive air resistance, so it is recommended for those who want to pursue running! ! Because it is lightweight, rowing is getting lighter. It has an advantage not only in appearance but also! ! The best wheels with excellent appearance and performance In addition, I put the Michelin Pro4 Blue in the tires casually. Rear wheel
BROTURES ALLDAY 4 2mm WHEEL ¥ 18,000 Choose the wheel of the original BLUE of Brotures in the rear This wheel can be changed when it is customized when it is customized. It's pretty good! ! There are all eight colors, but all have beautiful colors, so it is recommended to choose your favorite color and customize it. There is a difficult place at the store, so please come and see it! !
CINELLI × MASH BULLHORN ¥ 16,000 CINELLI × MASH STEM ¥ 14,000 I tried to harden around the handle with Cinelli x Mash! ! After all, there is a sense of unity, and the design is stylish, so I am addicted to it. I think that the handle is the most different one that changes both custom and riding. It is recommended for those who plan to upgrade the handle and stem! !
MICHE SUPER TYPE BLUE ¥ 11,633 TIOGA SPYDER TWINTAIL ¥ 13,000 Choose a saddle that is optimal for the coming season for the saddle It looks impactful and personally likes the saddle The saddle is indispensable for running comfortably Installing a saddle that suits you will make your running more comfortable! Uses Italian component brand MICHE for the seat post As expected, there is only an Italian brand and a very high design with an original aero shape! ! Even if you find another, you can hardly find such a stylish seat post! !
This time, I tried to customize it with a focus on color like this! ! This time, I assembled it with the image of YOKOHAMA, so I assembled it with Blue, but I will assemble it at the customer's request, so please contact us. We look forward to your visit because the weather seems to be good this weekend. Mizu
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