Leader Bike 725TR Red Custom

Do you guys watch the World Cup? ? Japan is a pity for the terrible result. 。 。 Also, Asians have not won, so I'm looking forward to tomorrow's match against Colombia! ! Japan is rich in the Group League, but I want you to do your best until the end! ! I want to enter the main subject. This time, I installed RED on 725TR and customized it. Unlike the usual custom, I tried to customize it casually and stylishly, so I would like to introduce it.
Leader Bike 725TR RED CUSTOM ¥ 251,548
H Plus Son Arch ¥ 7,000 CyCroc Haub Red ¥ 5,000 The atmosphere of the wheels changes the atmosphere considerably by installing the RED hub on the BLACK rim, making it a stylish wheel! ! In addition, since it is a hand -set wheel, both rotation and accuracy are outstanding! ! You can also assemble the color you want, so please take a look! !
Paul USA Crank Polish ¥ 31,000 Paul USA Crank with a playing card pattern Installing Polish on the Black body will increase the sense of luxury at once! ! The material of the chainring is 7075 aluminum and the crank arm is an aluminum 2024, and the material specializes in the high degree of perfection when polished. Very specially packed crank
CINELLI PISTA 110mm STEM ¥ 3,600 DEDA PISTA DROPBAR ¥ 7,700 Classic combination! ! In other words, it is definitely a combination! ! After all, this angle of CINELLI PISTA STEM is good! ! It is an aggressive stem that seems to be able to run quickly just by putting in aggressive. Moreover, this price is quite advantageous
Fizik Arione R3 Carbon SADDLE ¥ 24,550 A saddle that pursues a comfortable run by increasing the amount of pads with the successor model of the ARIONE CX After all, riding a sports car and everyone says that your ass hurts, but if you are looking for a saddle that suits you, please try it! !
Thomson Elite SeatPost ¥ 8,400 I installed Polish casually in the seat post, and tried to consciously unity throughout the car. As you may know in the classic, no matter what weigh, accuracy, or rigidity, the finest seat post This time, like this, I tried to customize the color casually! ! In addition, a wheel of another color is also assembled, so I will install it on a custom car soon and introduce it. If you are worried about custom, please contact us! ! Don't forget to check the Instagram! ! Mizu
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