Custem & S-big bike 735tr hi spec custem!

Hello! The typhoon is approaching. It seems to be the whole unheard, but such a time is not a big thing. I want you to manage somehow. Today, today's car bike 735tr hi spec custem is available.
Img 8556
How about that? A splendid Just before the delivery, let's take a commemoration shot, so the brake is attached, but let's look at the fine parts!
Img 8557
Img 8558
Handle Thomson carbon cycluster Stem Thomson X4 Handle and stem hardened with high spec of Thomson x Thomson! Especially, the handle is 202 g Cyclocross drop handle of the weight threat. It is a handle that can be laughed at a moment when it is really lightly.
Img 8559
Img 8560
Seat post Thomson elite Saddle Fizik awards R3 Carbon Saddle The sheet post installs the Thomson elite along with the stem. Also, the carbon rails anres res 3 were chosen for the saddle. I think that there are not many customers who think that the weight changes by only becoming a carbon rail.
Img 8561
Img 8564
Front wheel BLB notorious 90 carbon rim Front hub I got 90 mm rim height from BLB on the front. Installation of Greddy Mohawk hub. I introduce it in the blog of a little before, but it is the highest grade hub that does not stop.
Img 8563
Img 8566
Rear wheel Carbon wheel rear Cog Eur-asia-global The rear wheel is 5 baton carbon wheels from BLB. When I put the wheel of the baton to the rear of the pistol, it turns out that the rotation of skid stops In addition, install the finest goldlist. With the chill of the chain, it becomes very smooth.
Img 8565
Crank Brotures rip crane w / ceramic BB Crank type original crank ceramic BB. Ceramic bearings are hard to wear and are resistant to seizure and can be used in high temperature environments.
Ceramic bearings adopted for NASA space shuttle parts and aircraft.
Luxury to use this quality as a piste. Finally, together with the passenger car.
Img 8567
It was a wonderful one. Thank you! Adatch Blog @brotures_yokohama
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