Lezyne Tool in Stock Now !!!!

Did you see this morning? ? I got up at 5 o'clock and watched it! ! So, I'm fighting drowsiness right now (laughs) Anyway, it was good to win Argentina! ! It seems that the typhoon that Adachi is persistently touches is dangerous! ! It's going to be from tonight to morning, so please be careful. By the way, today, the Lezyne tool has arrived, so I will introduce it.
Lezyne CNC Drive Floor Pump ¥ 12,000 (excluding tax)
Pumps are a necessity for riding a fix. ! If the tires are thin, the management of air pressure is severe. I think many people say that it is troublesome to put in the air frequently, but if you have a Iketel pump in both the appearance and performance, it will be fun to put the air! ! Moreover, this time Black that is not listed in the catalog has arrived! ! I use it in the store, but it is very easy to use! ! As expected, the parts inside Lezyne are sticking, so it will push out a large amount of air at once compared to other companies' pumps. As the name suggests, it looks like CNC processing, the finest pump Next, I will introduce the hand pump for carrying
Lezyne Micro Floor Drive HPG ¥ 6,800 (excluding tax)
The portable pump is convenient, but I think that there are many people who do not enter the air. But this pump is different! ! It really lives the air smoothly. In addition, it supports high -press up to 160psi even though it is a portable pump. It's a perfect pump for fixes and road rides! ! In addition, by fixing it with a foot peg, you can put it in like a floor pump. If you are looking for a portable pump, this is decided! ! Next is this guy
Lezyne Alloy Drive Co2 ¥ 2,600 (excluding tax) Did you know that there is such a pump? ? This is an excellent thing that really puts the air in about 2 seconds! ! I think that there are still few people who are still used, so why not take it in as soon as possible? ? If you use it, you will be really surprised! ! Think of being deceived and use it! ! The last is a new product
Lezyne BLOX23 ¥ 4,600 (excluding tax)
Excellent items that have 23 types of tools as the product name! ! Each pit is designed for a long time, making it very easy to use! ! If you have one of this, it is really convenient! ! Lezyne really keeps making good things. The Tool introduced this time is a small amount of arrival, so if you are interested, please click it as soon as possible! !
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