New Bike Stand in Stock !!!!

Good evening mizu! ! It was a very nice weather that changed from yesterday. This is where I want the rainy season to end! ! Yesterday, a cool and most useful motorcycle stand has arrived yesterday, so I will introduce it! !
Vertical bike stand ¥ 7,600 It looks really simple, but it's a pretty good thing! ! First of all, the material is made of all stainless steel, so you don't have to worry about rusting even if it gets wet! ! You can also select a horizontal placement and vertical placement in the application. It is good to buy a bicycle, but it is recommended if you think it is difficult to keep it! !
When you actually hang a bicycle, it looks like this! ! I was worried that it would not fall in the wind when I put it vertically, but I couldn't fall at all! ! Also, when maintaining it, it can be placed horizontally as shown in the picture, so it is really convenient.
Also, it is stylish even if you use it as a display as shown in the photo! ! It's pretty simple when it's just a stand, but it's really fashionable when you put the body. At the Yokohama store, it is for one display, so if you are interested, please come and see! ! I'm looking forward to seeing you again here! ! Mizu
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