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Good evening. Junki. It is busy every day thanks to the frame, parts, etc. Recently the mechanical industry was busy. It is fun to assemble a bicycle, but I think that the feeling of tension is more important than it is. However, there are times when it gets caught in a moment. I would like to be able to do such a thing, but it is because it is young to visit in time. For example, when the bicycle of this feeling was brought in.
Img 8596
It is a pleasant feeling that the temperature of the heat of the owner's bicycle or the favorite atmosphere is transmitted. Custom with sense of sense is good sense! And this time, I had a full frame of exchange.
Img 8601
The replacement frame is lead bike Kagero. I love the frame too. There was an edge because it was Kagero that only remained in yokokama. I am glad to have been able to travel because it is firmly custom.
Img 8606
The rear wheel which was only default was renewed to shred 50 at this timing.
Img 8602
The handle is ripened style that only lizards skins 1.8 mm lower bottom to the CX drop of Thomson.
Img 8605
The chain also rings the Susa 75 Susa chain. It can be set up by American people.
Img 8603
Is it only me who feels the history in the saddle that began to take a little?
Img 8608
Frame: Leek bike Kagero Headset: FSA TEM: Thomson Bars: CX drop bar Blog: Sugino 75 super rap Col: Sugino 75 Ring FSA Cog: Ero Asia super STSR F. wheels: Ed H R. wheels: Brothes Seat: tiga twittle Post: Themson elite
Img 8601
I really like Kagero. I think it is cool and cool. Junki
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