Leader Bike 725TR Black x Red Custom !!

Hello! It seems that hot days will continue and summer will be battered. 。 But if the sun goes down, it will be a calm temperature, so it looks good to ride a bicycle from evening to night! By the way, today is a 725TR custom introduction! !
Leader Bike 725TR Black x Red Custom ¥ 309,935 (excluding tax) BLACK and RED are simply unified! Let's look at each part immediately.
Front rim BLB NOTORIOUS 90 CARBON RIM RED ¥ 54,000 (excluding tax) Tire MICHELIN PRO4 SC Tire ¥ 6,400 (excluding tax) At the front, we chose carbon deep rims from BLB and finished in hand wheels. In addition, the side color is a white side color from MICHELIN, so I chose Pro4 SC. The coloring is reminiscent of the Japanese flag!
Rear wheel Aerospoke Baton Carbon Rear ¥ 46,300 (excluding tax) Install the popular Aerospoke Baton Wheel that arrived the other day. This price is surprising with baton wheels! The image changes dramatically just by entering the baton wheel that you long for.
Crank BROTURES RIP CRANK ¥ 21,000 (excluding tax) The crank is installed with a direct structure Brotures Rip Crank, which is always recommended when customizing. If it is custom to a very large crank for riding and comfort, you can upgrade with about +10000.
Saddle Fizik Arione R3 Braided Carbon SADDLE ¥ 24,550 (excluding tax) Seat post Thomson Elite SeatPost ¥ 8,400 (excluding tax) The saddle chose a very lightweight Arione R3 on the carbon rail from Fizik, which looks like a racy but also suitable for long -distance rides. Here too, the color RED is a good appeal point!
Handle ZIPP Dropbar ¥ 13,500 (excluding tax) Stem ZIPP SC STEM ¥ 13,000 (excluding tax) The handle and stem are hardened with ZIPP. If you solidify the two here with the same manufacturer, the sense of unity is completely different! The handle is a trendy road drop handle. Unlike track drops, the part that has it is flat, so it is a recommended handle that is very tired! Finally again! !
I think that it was a pretty good one that stands out in the city. It is currently on display at the store, so please take a look at it raw! We'll be expecting you! ! Adatch Brotures Yokohama Instagram @brotures_yokohama
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