The best versatile guy on the city riding...


The fact that it is early and 2021 is less than two months. 。 。 quick.
I say it's early every year, but I feel like it was particularly early this year.

In Tokyo, the number of people infected with Corona has become very small, and the number of people going out has increased?

BROTURES will handle E-Bike's "".
We have the impression that the number of customers of different layers has increased.

Piste bike, e-bike. It feels the opposite of the vehicle, but both are bicycles, so they are eco -friendly vehicles.

Today, we introduce Mate-City from, which is the topic of e-bike.
Because it is a smaller body than Mate-X, it is ideal for city riding!

Let's take a look.

Mate City Legacy Black ¥ 275,000 (TAX IN)

The popular e-bike brand "" is a compact model "Mate City".
The only black frame in the deployed color, its name is "LEGACY BLACK".

This color is characterized by mature matte black.

The first sale is a very popular color that sold out by "reservation only".

With a combination of a simple white logo on a jet -black body
Minimal and urban design that eliminates all waste.

"I will buy it even if I don't see the real thing ~"
A perfect visual that is unprecedented.

Moreover, the Kichijoji store also offers a test ride here.

Compared to this Mate City and Mate X

The smaller frame size (weight is -7 kg, lightweight)
Gender -free points that make it easier to drive
The size of the tire width has been reduced to less than half (approximation of general BMX standard)
The fact that it is easy to stop in the bicycle parking lot in the city, etc.
One of them is a very realistic merit of living in a spoiled urban area.

In addition, we maintain the same grade as Mate X.
A 7 -speed speed gear that realizes light acceleration without assistance
Safe and comfortable with the suspension and disc brake before and after.

Although it is small, the functionality unique to is packed everywhere.
It is undeniable that it has an E-Bike (electric assist x sports bike).
It's a point that makes a big difference compared to an ordinary electric bicycle.

Now that it's easier to go out, it's good to move with "Mate-City" without using public transportation.
Insufficient exercise is also eliminated, and real transportation expenses are ¥ 0

Eco for both the environment and the wallet!

Regarding the test drive, please feel free to call us because you do not need any reservations!

We are waiting for you.

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