High Grade Headset in stock! !

It's been a long time! ! Mizu has returned for the first time in a week! ! This time, I had a week off due to family business. This time, instead of a monkey, I let other temples go to help, and such a young man was spoken. I was so nervous that I wasn't good at letting me release so many people, but I had a good experience. Please use summer vacation to visit the grave sometimes! ! I would like to talk about the temple and enter the main subject! ! What has arrived this time is that two high -grade headsets have arrived, so I would like to introduce them. First here
Chris King Inset ¥ 16,000 (excluding tax) Speaking of Chris King, as the name suggests, it boasts an immovable position as the king of head parts, but there is also a zero stack compatible that is not surprisingly known. The name is "INSET" !! Did you know ?? I think there are many people who put such expensive items in head parts, but if you customize the head parts, the handling will be very light. Handling is important for cars or fixes! ! Leader Bike's 7 series is also supported as well as EQNX. Most people on the Leader Bike7 series use FSA. FSA is of course not bad! ! However, it is recommended for those who want to upgrade! ! Would you like to use CHRIS KING, which is said to be the king of head parts? ? I recommend it by all means. This time another point
CANE CREEK 110 ZS44 ¥ 22,000 CANECREEK's 110-Series is a perfect headset. The most suitable seals for use in the headset are carefully processed one by one in the headquarters factory in North Carolina, USA, and is very beautifully finished. These expressions of confidence have led to the relief of 110 -year warranty. This CANE CREEK's finest head parts also support the Leader Bike7 series and EQNX as well as Chris King. If you want to make a difference with people, we recommend the head parts introduced this time! ! If you come to the store, the mechanic will be replaced quickly, so please leave it to you! ! If you are interested, please do so as soon as possible! ! It is a weekend again from tomorrow, but it looks good, so we look forward to your visit! ! Mizu
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