Hello! ! I came to the Yokohama store for a limited time from the Osaka store in a hurry. I think many people don't know me, but thank you when you come to the Yokohama store. I don't usually write blogs, so this blog may be difficult to read, but please forgive me! ! By the way, the bicycle I will introduce this time is 725TR Aerospoke Custom.
This time I tried custom simply. I like simple bicycles, so this custom is a push! And the front wheel Aerospoke has a simple impact. Just running will give you the eyes of nature and surroundings!
Aerospoke Front ¥ 40,000+Tax It is a perfect wheel for those who want an impact because there are plenty of colors. The rotation is also outstanding, and let's further improve the rotation together with the SUGINO 75 crank that I recommend!
SUGINO 75 crank ¥ 21,300+Tax This crank color is not NJS, but the polish is NJS certified parts. One of the best cranks! ! The chain ring is sold separately, so you can match it with your favorite chain ring. This time I tried using SSG 144. This is also Polish is a NJS certified part. Next, I will introduce the saddle and seat post.
The saddle isFi'zi: K Arione ¥ 14,030+Tax The seat postFi'zi: k cyrano R1 carbon SeatPost ¥ 18,580+Tax Fi'zi: I tried to match it. ARIONE can be used widely from beginners to advanced users! Fi'zi: K is divided by the flexibility of the body. ARIONE this time is especially recommended for those who are soft! The seat post is gentle on the buttocks because it absorbs the impact by using a carbon! Next is the handle and stem. The handle isDowntown Dropbar ¥ 7,000+Tax Stem isDEDA ZERO 100 PISTA ¥ 9,200+Tax Was used.
Downtown Dropbar has been redesigned and cooler. Excellent compatibility with Leader Bikes frame! The stem is angled and is recommended for those who want to pursue more driving! 725TR AEROSPOKE CUSTOM ¥ 280,000 How was this custom this time? Isn't simple customs the best! Let's make the best one!
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