Customer & Bikes 725 tr!

Good evening! It seems that the heavy rain has been avoided by the course of the typhoon. It is rain forecast from midnight though it has not rain yet. It seems to be unpredictable because it seems to be rough. Today is the introduction of cutomer's leisure bikes 725tr!
Img 8851
How is it? Seafoamgreen's bright color seems like summer! Let's look at custom parts!
Img 8854
Front wheel BLB notorious 05 carbon wheel front There are five batons strong against the matt texture peculiar to carbon It is a wheel without a mistake in the town.
Img 8857
Rear rim BLB notorious 90 rim carbon Rim rim 90mm deep rim was installed on rear. As well as the front of the wheel, it makes the impression of the whole body stronger.
Img 8858
Crank Brotures rip crane The original color of the original limitation color of the grocery rip crown was chosen. It is a limited color that I have been able to guide in the blog about 2 months ago. In Yokohama, there are remaining orange, pink and gold colors.
Img 8859
Img 8860
Handle Deda dabar Handle installed Deda dabar. Super lightweight carbon handle of 170g weight. Thickness, design, performance, and easiness. It is the finest bull horn handle. I used lizard skins 1.8 mm and 300 (tax) for the bar tape. It is a rubber material that absorbs vibration on the bicycle very much and absorbs the vibration when riding on the bicycle, and it is a bar tape of the recommendation. Well finally again!
Img 8851
I think I finished it with an ideal one! Seafoamgreen is recommended to be summer, so it is only a few remaining. Adatch
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