[2023 first sale] Limited sale of origina...

New Year Sale in 2023 where information is steadily released.

Have you already found the item you want?

This year, we have prepared a little unique project, such as campaigns and student discounts using their last name.

In particular, the last name of the Harajuku store, Kanaya, is very rare, and it seems that there are only about 480 people nationwide.

It seems that there is a village called Kanaya Village, a birthplace in the country currently in Tochigi Prefecture. Is Yang a descendant ...

If someone appears to want a BROTURES piste bike, it may be happy and have a more service. lol

How about everyone in the northern Kanto region?

Other than that, this year, there are a lot of rare select bikes sold out and custom bikes that set up carbon wheels.

I personally expect the attention of 735 and 725 BROTURES Carbon Wheel Custom.

Please try again from the new year package released on the 26th.

By the way, I want to enter the main subject.

BROTURES is the first apparel release from 2023.

In 2022, BROTURES has renewed the design, such as staff T -shirts and new decals, but SHOP T appears in full swing.

BROTURES SHOP T-SHIRTS "Custom Cycle Shop" ¥ 3,500 (excluding tax)

The design is a perverted skate brand that represents the United States in the 1990s, and a single -handed diecast car with collectors worldwide.

Both are brands that originated in the United States like Leader, and there are still many collectors worldwide, and they create a work called unmilled and unlikely.

This item also selected the color and body that gives a good taste even if you use sweat.

One day, I'm happy if I could hear a exciting talk, such as "It's an item that was released 10 years ago."

The print is for a simple outfit only on the back. Both men and fixes have their backs.

I believe that it is the coolest to get through the crowds coolly. In such a case, I want you to wear it this time.

This time it is released in limited quantities, so this is also required.

Cash on delivery by DM or telephone can also be delivered, so if you want, please consult each Brotures shop.

Please note that the release date will be from 12:00 on January 2, 2023, from the time of each store opening.