735TR to a new partner

 How did you spend the Christmas the other day?
Going to see the illuminations, party,
Kentucky returns with excitement! Is it?
I didn't get out of the house and watched a Christmas movie and tasted just!

"Isn't it Kentucky today?"It's Kick.

This time, we will introduce Leader® 735TR again!

LEADER 735TR COMPLETE BIKE ¥ 220,000- (in tax)

Leader® flagship model 735TR
735TR Thick down tube and beautiful finish are the icons of the street piste that have an overwhelming impact.
Redesigned geometry for the purpose of running on the street, quick reaction and stable driving,
It is a pist for streets that realize the comfort of stop and go.

First of all, from the appearance.
The first thing to see isExtremely thick down tubeThat's right.
The down tube made using high quality and hard 7000 aluminum aluminum
It can be made thinly, realizing an excellent impact thickness while maintaining light weight.

Also, look at the joints between the tube and the tube.
Some people may have said, "What? Where?"
The secret is "Smooth welding processing"It's because it's given!
Lightening and strengthening the welded tube and tube welding by manually, putty is applied, and the weight is reduced and strengthened.
Furthermore, the beauty of the details is enabled.

In addition, the brakeInternal brake specificationIt is.
Because "I want a simple bicycle." "I want a cool bicycle."
While there are many customers who buy fixie bikes, the brake problem is inevitable even if you cut it.
However, the 735TR has a "Internal brake specification" that passes the brake wire inside the top tube, so it is possible to attach the brake without impairing the beauty of the 735TR impact and beauty. is!

The charm of 735TR is not only the appearance but also the functionality.

First735TR geometryfrom.
The 735TR geometry (design) is compact.
As a result, there is a sense of stability in the operability, so not only those who ride a fixie bike for the first time, but
It is easy for beginners of sports bikes to ride!

and,Aero shapeWill make your running more comfortable.
The lightweight and outstanding down tube introduced earlier has an aero shape.
The air resistance when running is reduced, it is easy to accelerate, and it is easier to ride!

moreover,The seat post and fork are made of full carbon
Because carbon is lightweight and has excellent vibration absorption, it is of course overwhelming lightness.
It reduces the burden on the buttocks, arms and hands that tend to feel vibration from the ground.

Even this is the 735TR, which is attractive in both appearance and functionality,
It comes with a completed carThe crank is as high quality as the frame!

Not only the crank that is difficult to lose the power to step on the pedal, which has excellent acceleration power.
What is surprisingMade of VISION”!!
The aero -type crank is compatible with the aero tube's 735TR, the shaft diameter is 30 mm, which is thicker in the direct crank, increasing the rigidity and a slightly lighter weight.
It's a great deal to have a high -performance crank from the beginning.

When I heard so far, "735TR is overs -spec because I don't get much speed in the city ride."
You may think that.
I will affirm, that's not the case! !
Rather, I want you to ride 735TR because you are riding a city. The speed of acceleration that aero shape and high -performance cranks are realized will reduce the stress of stop and go at the signal, and the comfort and stability while driving with geometry, full carbon seat post and fork is the city. It will be more fun to ride! !

In fact, I sometimes ride a test drive after assembling and ride 735TR for customers, but the start is fast.
And I feel that it is fast to get on the speed, and the more you step on it, the higher the speed.
You can feel enough even in the state of the completed car, and if the wheels are carbon in your body, it will be a lighter run!

I would like you to choose a slightly late Christmas present and a new partner in 2024!
If you are interested, go to BROTURES near you! We are waiting for you to prepare a test ride!

Up to 100 % OFF first saleIt's like doing it! (lol)
At the Kichijoji store, we are waiting for you to deliver the 735TR on the same day introduced this time!
Moreover, the new finished car10 % OFF! !Furthermore, the same day of the used immediatelySuper sale! !
If the size is right, super bargain! !
The size and the same amount of car delivery are limited, so be prepared to head to the store now! (lol)

see you.

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