Limited time only! 10% student discount o...

Students at all BROTURES stores and online store will receive 10% off all fixie bikes, plus 2 free tools.
A fun and cool companion for commuting to school and the journey to a part-time job.
Get your long-awaited fixie bike that's a little taller than your friends and enjoy your new life!

・10% off on all piste bikes by showing your student ID!
・From February 10th to April 14th.
・Products may end early if products are in stock.
・E-BIKEs are not eligible.
・You will receive 2 STANDUCT tools!
・Please use the coupon code below at the online store!

After placing your order, we will send you an email confirming your student ID.
We will ship the package as soon as we have confirmed your student ID.
Please note that if we cannot confirm your student ID within one week of placing your order, we may cancel your order.

What we would like you to pay attention to in this project is ``10% OFF on all models.'' Not only the cost-effective LOCAL BIKES BLANKS available for less than 100,000 yen, but also the coveted LEADER and DOSNOVENTA are all 10% off.
The privilege of youth.

Among the lineup handled by BROTURES, there are fixie bikes with prices exceeding 150,000 and 200,000.
Usually I can't afford it, and there's no way I'd be able to make such an expensive purchase while still a student.

However, if you apply this 10% off, you have a chance to save even 20,000 yen or even 30,000 yen.

LOCAL BIKES BLANKS Completed bike ¥85,800→¥74,800 (tax included) SIZE XS / S / M / L COLOR BLACK INK / PALM NEON GREEN / VENICE ORANGE

LEADER 721TR Completed car ¥121,000→¥108,900 (tax included) SIZE XS / S / M / L / XL COLOR BLACK / WHITE / ORANGE

LEADER CURE Completed car ¥121,000→¥108,900 (tax included) SIZE XS / S / M / L COLOR BLACK / SAX BLUE

DOSNOVENTA DETROIT Frame set ¥174,900→¥157,410 (tax included) SIZE S / M / L COLOR BLACK / DESART YELLOW

We also have a wide variety of other fixie bikes. For more information, check out the online site← ! We want young people to ride cars that we have confidence in.
We want to provide a car that you can enjoy for a long time, even after you enter the workforce and into your 30s or 40s.
With that in mind, we started talking about "all models."
If it breaks after riding for 3 years, I'll buy a new one. I don't want you to go through such a sad shopping experience. What I would like you to pay attention to this time is the aforementioned "two tools gift"

This is because we want you to experience the "playing and having fun" that BROTURE advocates.
Most vehicles are just for riding, and if they break, someone has to fix them.
This can't be helped.
If you don't have the know-how, you won't know how to touch something, and it's rare to find someone who has all the tools and can fix everything around them even in their teens.

However, the essence of enjoying this vehicle is actually hidden in such a way.
Just slightly change the direction of the handle and check to see if any screws are loose.
It sounds very simple when you write it down, but if you do or don't do this, the story will change 180 degrees when it comes to enjoying your fixie bike.
If you make even just a little bit of effort on your part, you'll feel more professional and want to understand more about your car.
That's all you need to start with.

All purchasers will receive two items as presents: the "hexagonal wrench set" and "wheel wrench" from STANDUCT.
Once you've learned how to mess around with your own bike, try fixing your friends' bikes as well.
I hope that they will grow up to be such cool adults.

For your reference, we also introduce a video of how to assemble a fixie bike.

This student discount campaign ends on April 14th. Furthermore, while supplies last, supplies last. In particular, LOCAL BIKES, LEADER 721TR, and CURE are at risk of being discontinued early. For purchases and inquiries, please visit any BROTURES store or online store. New school life and part-time job. What kind of people will you meet and what will you do?

A fixie bike is your best companion when you're moving around with high expectations!
All of the BROTURES staff will do our best to support you so that everyone's new life will be even richer! !

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