NJS "Mks" is available !!

Hello! Today's BROTURES YOKOHAMA has been a very lively day with many visitors on weekdays! The weather was unstable, but it was a good day! By the way, today, NJS pedals and straps have arrived, so I will introduce them!
MKS RX-1 ¥ 15,400 (excluding tax) NJS (Japanese bicycle)Promotion society) The RX-1 pedal of MKS (Mikajima), which is certified, is available. It is a high -quality pedal at the level that can be used by bicycle racers, and it is a surprising pedal that the smoothness when turning by hand is turned. Migashima is a specialized manufacturer for undercarriage such as pedals, straps, and clips, and has a different sense of security. The weight is281g is very lightweight MKS Custom Nouvo This RX-1 is compared with, but I think that the taste is different depending on the shape difference. Central part of the pedal
There are quite a few dents in the pedal between plates, and I think there are many people who like it because the way of falling into the shoes. However, the area of ​​the pedal is slightly smaller. And the strap is also available along with the pedal.
MKS FIT α Sports W-Buckles ¥ 9,800 (excluding tax) The material is a skin suede fabric.
I think many people can tickle the NJS mark. And this time I finished it like this in combination with SOMA clip OPPYX4 Polish ¥ 3,800 (excluding tax).
It's a wonderful word! It was a combination of classic clip pedals with a good atmosphere. Isn't the compatibility with the chromoly frame perfect? Come on NJS pedals at this opportunity! We are waiting for you at the store. Adatch
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