Leader Bike 735TR High Spec Custom !!

Good evening! ! It's a summer -like day! The summer sunlight is painful because it is sick. 。 smile By the way, today is a 735 high -spec custom introduction! !
Leader Bikes 735TR High Spec ¥ 412,381 (excluding tax) What do you think! Don't you think it's a wonderful one? Let's look at each part!
Front wheelHed Jet9 Carbon Track Wheel ¥ 123,500 (excluding tax) Rear wheelBLB Notorious 03 Carbon Baton Wheel ¥ 89,095 (excluding tax) Front tireContinental GP Attack ¥ 6,600 (excluding tax) Rear tire Continental Gatorskin ¥ 4,700 (excluding tax) I chose JET9 wheels from HED on the front wheel. This 90mm deep rim and a weight of 895g. The tires were added from Continental to the front and finished on a solid front. In addition, Baton wheels are installed from BLB to the rear and the appearance is further upgraded. For tires, GATORSKIN, which is a fixie purveyor from Continental as well as the front wheels. If you put a baton wheel in the rear and skid, it is cool that the baton stops perfectly.
Handle Thomson Carbon Road Dropbar ¥ 31,752 (excluding tax) StemThomson X2 STEM ¥ 8,400 (excluding tax) The handle and the stem area were hardened with Thomson. I think it's the most frequent part of the BROTURES blog. The handle is a full carbon and weighs 188g ultra -lightweight. If you finish it with the manufacturer, the appearance will be very matched!
Seat postThomson Elite SeatPost ¥ 8,400 (excluding tax) Saddle SELLE SMP COMPOSIT ¥ 20,900 (excluding tax) The seat post has installed Thomson according to the steering wheel and the stem area. SELLE SMP Composit has been installed on the saddle. The amount of pads is small, but I think it is a good saddle that fits the buttocks. In addition, the center part has a body removed, so I think the pressure can be considerably reduced.
CrankBROTURES RIP CRANK ¥ 21,000 (excluding tax) It is a crank that is almost always recommended when customizing with a large standard crank. It is a direct structure and outboard BB, and it is possible to get it in this price range even in terms of cost performance ◎ I also use it, but the pedaling has become quite comfortable! Well, finally again!
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