Leader Bike 725TR Custom !!

Hello! The weather seemed to be rough, but it was a sunny day! The weather is going to get worse for a while, so I want to ride it when I can ride! By the way, today is a 725TR custom introduction! !
Leader Bike 725TR Custom ¥ 320,000 (excluding tax) What do you think! I think it was a very prominent one in the city! Let's look at each part.
Front trim BLB notorious 90 Carbon RIM ¥ 54,000 (excluding tax) Hub Cycroc Track Hub Front ¥ 5,000 (excluding tax) The front is flashy with red deep rim. Because it is a carbon material, a very lightweight and reasonable hub has been installed. Cycroc hub, which is said to be the strongest cost performance, is recommended!
Rear Wheel BLB NOTORIOUS 03 CARBON WHEEL ¥ 85,095 (excluding tax) Rear Tire Continental GATOR SKIN ¥ 4,700 (excluding tax) Install BLB 03 baton carbon wheels on the rear. If you put a baton in the rear and skid, the rotation will stop perfectly, so the looks are very ◎ In addition, the pistinental Gatorskin, a pistinental purveyor, was also installed!
Stem DEDA ZERO100 PISTA STEM ¥ 9,200 (excluding tax) Handle DEDA RHM02 DROPBAR ¥ 4,100 (excluding tax) The handle was hardened with the DEDA Components introduced the other day! The ZERO 100 Pista stem is very lightweight, and the angle is tight, so it looks more lacy from the appearance. The handle is installed RHM02. The price is very affordable, so it is recommended for those who want to challenge road drops!
Saddle FIZIK VOLTA R3 SADDLE ¥ 20,340 (excluding tax) Seat Post Leader Bike SPCA1 CARBON Short SeatPost ¥ 19,000 (excluding tax) The saddle installed a new product Fizik Volta R3 saddle. Fizik Volta detailed blogWas written by JUNKI the other day! I think it's great to try this saddle that the mechanic Q Bay of the Osaka store also loves! ! Well, finally again! !
It's a very unique appeal! I can't pay at once! There is also a loan.
Screenshot 2014-08-25 18.46.06
The table above is the price of the division if you pay in one year (12 times). You can buy it even if you use a high spec! ! I guess there are many people. Loans can also be purchased by mail order! First of all, we are waiting for your inquiry! yokohama@brotures.com Adatch
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