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Hello everyone! ! Mizu! ! Recently I'm addicted to overseas dramas (laughs) By the way, the frame of Leader has arrived, and the number is gradually decreasing in color and size. If you think you want a bicycle a little in the coming season, we recommend that you buy it as soon as possible! ! For that reason, I will introduce a body with a small number of rooms even though the number is small.
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LEADER 725TR COMPLETE ¥ 140,000 The very popular BLACK is close to the size, but it is still possible to deliver! ! The small size is quite small. In addition, there is almost no WHITE, so it is first come, first served! ! When you hear that it is a completed car, you may think that the parts are subtle. But the finished car of Leader is different! ! I'm sticking! ! Honestly, this price is a bargain with this component! ! Look at it! ! These luxurious parts! !
A really irreplaceable component! ! Moreover, 725TR is a full -fledged specification with a drop handle installed from the beginning, even if it is purchased by a completed car. It is a very cost -effective body! ! There is a little room in stock now, but it is a popular product, so please be as soon as possible! ! This is not the end this time! ! There is another car body that can be delivered immediately, so I will introduce it.
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LEADER BIKE 725TR COMPLETE ¥ 140,000 What a 53cm of this RED can be delivered immediately! ! Originally, it is rare that RED with a small number of arrivals can be delivered immediately! ! Since the size is 53cm, it is rough, but the height of about 170cm to 180cm is the right size! ! Both vehicles will be available for both mail order and stores, so if you are interested, please contact us as soon as possible! ! Mizu
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