Leader Bike 725TR Purple delivery! ! ! !

If you think that your hands were gradually good, it's mizu who is impatient with strange bones (laughs). Did you see the Japanese national team held the other day? ? It was a pity that the result could not be won 2-2, but Muto and Shibasaki played an active part, so it was a very fun match. It seems that the hit that draws properly there is Japan. 。 。 By the way, today there was only one 725TR delivery, so I would like to introduce it. First of all, please take a picture! !
The parts were assembled all black on the beautiful purple frame! ! It is cool! ! It is much cooler to assemble than to look at the frame alone! ! I would like to look at one of the impact large! !
Install AerOSPOKE on the front and rear wheels AEROSPOKE, which was dominated by the world when the fabrics began to become popular, I feel that it is recurring. We have quite a lot of orders! ! After all, Made in USA! ! Baton wheels with beautifully made reminiscent of a carriage It's a little heavy, but the strength is definitely! ! Put it in the rear like this body, pounding kid and safe wheel
Leader Bike Downtown Drop Bar for handle This time we had an old logo! ! Currently I've changed the model, but the old logo is also cool! ! Handles that are very easy to grasp and are not tired even on long rides Although we have changed the model, the shape of the current Downtown does not change, so please use it! !
The original ALDAY CRANK for the crank By making this black, the entire car will be tightened! ! Highly accurate cranks that are also used in our original custom completed vehicles
Fizi: K Arione K: IUM saddle is also installed on the saddle I also love the staff of our staff! ! I have never used it,It looks pretty good! ! You can see it will be a standard! ! We had one of the most impactful ones like this! ! Not only the appearance, but also one of them was conscious of running. Thank you! ! If you are thinking about custom like this, please contact us! ! Finally again! !
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