Knog Blinder "Arc" in Stock!

Hello. This is JUNKI. Today, I would like to introduce a full -fledged light from the familiar accessory maker Knog.
KNOG BLINDER ARC 5.5 ¥ 12,400- In the KNOG light lineup, it is the appearance of a full -fledged light that boasts the strongest illuminance. The brightness is 550 lumen of the crivitz. You will be surprised at the brightness because the 20 lumens of Blinder 1 are bright enough.
Of course, you can charge with USB. Unlike a Blinder compact model equipped with a conventional lithium polymer battery, it is a model that realizes high output and long life by installing a lithium -ion battery. It seems a bit difficult to talk about polymers and ions, but I want rabbits to understand that they are high -performance models. It's difficult to explain.
Looking from above, it looks like this. The way of glowing is "blinking" and "keeping stuck", and you can adjust the output of three steps in "keeping on" and High, Mid, Low. In the blinking mode, you can charge up to 17 hours. If you can use it for commuting, you may be able to use it once a month.
It looks like this. Another feature of ARC is that the silicon band is an independent design, so the head swings. You can now use it in various places. It also comes with over size mount, so you can use it with confidence for thick handles.
KNOG items handle a wide range of new works as well as standard ones. There is also a sample, so you can actually check the amount of light. Enter your favorite light from the abundant lineup! Junki
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