"Bicycle in a lifestyle !!!"

Hello! ! How do you go to school or commute? ? ? I think many people are commuting by train and car! ! I basically commute by train, but there was a better way to move! !
that's right! ! It is a bicycle commuting! ! In Osaka, trains often stop and are delayed! ! In the morning, you often get on a crowded train. However, if you are a bicycle, you can move smoothly without being involved in delays and traffic jams! Therefore, transportation expenses and gasoline charges will also float! !
If you have a bicycle, you can go to a shop a little far away during lunch break! ! As an example, if you go to BROTUIRES OSAKA -Umeda by train, it will take a little 20 minutes on foot and on foot, When you go by bicycle, you will reach Umeda in about 10 minutes, so it is better to travel by bicycle! ! * This is when you move by Pist Bike. Recently, students have been searching for Leader Bikes as a means of transportation! This is the recommended BIKE for commuting and going to school!
・ Leader Bikes 725TR COMPLETE ¥ 140,000 (+Tax) I'm glad that the finished car has brand parts such as "DEDA" and "SUGINO"! Even if you don't know what to choose for the first one, there is no mistake if you can choose this BIKE! ! It will be warm and it will be easy for bicycles to ride! Why don't you put Leader Bikes in a part of your lifestyle? ? Ayumu.
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