Fixie Road Trip on the Island !!!!

It's been a long time, mizu! ! I usually write blogs such as custom vehicles and parts, but this time I would like to write a different blog. As you all know, I do two jobs, so there is no summer vacation or consecutive holidays, but since I got this three -day holidays on Saturdays and Sundays, I went to Oshima with customers. I went! !
This time we went with 6 people! ! First, take a jet ship from Takeshiba to Oshima in about an hour and a half
Arrive at Oshima, form a bicycle immediately, and take a commemorative photo! ! Everyone is riding a high -spec chari, so it's a picture! ! This day was blessed with the weather, and it was a day of Chari! !
Oshima had a small traffic volume and the road surface was beautiful, so it was the best for Chari! ! There is almost no signal (laughs)
Run about 10km and arrive at the destination sea! ! The opening ceremony of the island tour was held here (laughs) The sea is also pretty beautiful and the best! ! He showed me a exciting jumping in the photo! !
It was a daytime time in no time, so to the most famous and popular set meal shop called "Kiyo Maru". I ate a shrimp fly, but it was so good! ! Other sashimi and seafood bowl looked pretty delicious! ! We recommend that you stop by when you go to Oshima! ! After that, depart for the inn that I had reserved for the time being However, Oshima seems to be 50km around each lap, but almost half it was so sloppy! ! When I arrived at the inn, everyone took a nap for 2 hours and went to the hot spring in the evening.
The hot spring here was the best! ! It's a superb view! ! The fatigue of the day flew at once! ! It would be great if you go to the open -air bath and sunset time in a swimsuit called "Hama no Yu"! !
We couldn't see the sunset here because of time, but we could see it on the way back to the inn. It was really beautiful! ! Izu Oshima is an island that can be reached in an hour and a half from the city center, but it was a really good place! ! There are a lot of slopes in the fixes, and it is hard, but it is recommended to bring a fix and go around the island! ! I was able to go to the best place with the best members, forgot my daily life, and refreshed. There are still many things I want to write, but if you are interested, please come to listen to memories at the store! ! It was a really good trip! ! Thank you very much! ! If you are thinking of a bicycle tour, Oshima is really recommended, so please go! ! Mizu
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