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Hello! ! ! Do you have a pedal strap when riding a piste bike? ? Today is a necessity! ! I would like to introduce the pedal strap! !
・ BROTURES ORIGINAL leather strap CAMO ¥ 7,500 (+tax) ・ BROTURES ORIGINAL Leather Strap Black ¥ 6,500 (+Tax) Many people use "toe clip" depending on the bicycle on board, As a merit of pedal straps, the hold feeling is very high and the area hitting the shoes is large, so there is less damage to shoes! The burden on the feet is small, so your feet are less likely to hurt! ! And when the handle is turned off, the toe may hit the front tire if you have a "toe clip", but in the case of a pedal strap, the toe is hard to hit the front tire, so you can ride it without worrying about it! The pedal strap is firmly held, so it is easier to do "skid (trick that fixes the pedal while driving and locks the rear wheel and slides)"! ! !
CAMO is a difficult design with pedal straps! ! It's perfect for a small custom at your feet! !
BLACK goes well with any color, and it is leather, so you can feel a sense of luxury! ! It also looks like a custom, so it will be a custom point! ! Even if you are riding with free gear as well as fixed gear, you can use "pull" by attaching a pedal strap. You can turn the pedal more efficiently! ! ! If you are riding with fixed gear, it will be easier to stop with brakes and pedal straps! ! The "Brotures Original Strap" introduced this time will disappear as soon as it is in stock. We look forward to your early visit! ! If you haven't had a pedal strap yet, please try it once! ! Ayumu.
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