BLB Notorius90 x Paul Track Hub Wheel !!!!

Good evening, mizu! ! It's getting cooler in the evening. You can feel the gradually approaching autumn! ! I'm a little lonely as a summer lover. 。 。 However, it will be cool from now on, so it is the best season for Chari! ! I think many people will resume their lives! ! I think some people are still worried, but I would like to introduce them because we have assembled a cool wheel.
BLB Notorius90× PAUL TRACK HUB WHEEL ¥ 75,500 ~
Use BLB NOTRIUS90, which combines impact and lightness for the rim! ! The weight is 850g! ! It's 90mm, so it has a lot of impact! ! If you put either front and rear baton and install such a wheel on one side, it will be quite well balanced! ! In addition, this rim has a lot of color variations, so you can always find a satisfying color! !
Paul Track Hub ¥ 15,500 Use Paul for the hub! ! Paul is a California components brand that boasts high development power

It is a hub that boasts extremely high quality in which functionality, durability, lightweight, and beauty harmonize.

This quality is very cost -effective! ! With this combination, I finished it with a highly functional wheel that is not only in appearance, but also conscious of running. After all the undercarriage is important! ! In particular, the wheels look and run dramatically! ! If you want to buy somewhere in the future, please customize the wheels. You can live a more comfortable Chari life! ! ! ! Finally, please take a photo with your wheel in your body.
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