Bronthes staff & S bike!!!!!

Even though it has been a week since the island tour, it is Mizu that island feeling doesn't go out. The island tour was decided to go once every year, but the last island was too easy for me to go After I decided to go on a trip this time, I made up my own Chari! Frame the Panasonic NJS frame! This frame has been taken care of since. It is a frame received from former heck mach. It was the chance that I started taking a piste. I'd like to introduce this frame because I tried using the frame!
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The whole was finished like this! I really wanted to be black, so I really finished my car body! Because it is an angle, I introduce the fine parts.
Img 9571
Img 9572
It is ellipse bought immediately when I start taking a piste on the front and back wheels! I didn't sell at the time of my previous workplace, but I got it on the shop. Because it was a personal appearance, I use it very much!
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Although it is standard for crankSugino 75And SSG chain ring! BB also used super ceramic BB. The rumor was dirty, but I didn't use it, so I was half suspicious. However, I was shocked at the first time, and I was shocked again! It's really nasty! It's like this! Around. If you use it, I'm really surprised! If you are worried about changing a little, take your own Chari! I want absolutely! Also, there are many people who use the vertex gold Gold is still on the car body! CogEurodome goldI installed it, but it's really the best! No sound! The strongest combination!
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Selleitaria Flite 1990 saddle Even if you look at the shape, the shape is saddle! There is an individual difference not suitable for the saddle, but it is very good! You can see how many riders use! Moreover, the head part of the chisoming and the seat post of Thomas were made to use the seniors that they used. It is still good, but it doesn't pass so much. Before this, I had an aluminum aero frame, but it was a long time ago! AgainCinelli maskPaint was painted to will who painted it.
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That's right! It's quite cool! If you are concerned about it, please come to the store! The net is good, but it is a scene that feels something! Ladies and gentlemen! Finally again
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