The Catcher in the Workshop

Good evening. This is JUNKI. I was jealous of Mizu -chan, but I was jealous and pulled out the folded title. I'm going to make it a petit series. This is the frame.
CINELLI MASH PARALLAX ¥ 120,000- This is Paralax. After all, you want to ride a chineri once♪ By the way, the kagero I'm riding is a super favorite, so I don't change the parts, but I'm planning to build a new one. There is also a relationship between pockets, so it is a leisurely plan to finish around the end of the year. smile There are parts that I want to use in various ways, so I will serialize each time. This is the first part to be commemorated
SAPIM CX-Ray It is an oval spoke of SAPIM. 。 Sorry for the sober. A plain but very interesting spoke. I dig a lot of interesting parts at night, but it's a very reputable spoke. You were praised on the net. I knew the existence itself for a long time, but when I looked into it in detail, it was still a sagi. First, the shape. Unlike general blade spokes, it seems to have the following effects because it is elliptical.
This is a simulation of a turbulence (turbulence) of air resistance. I'm studying, so I don't talk to me, but I can reduce the occurrence of turbulence than blade spokes and reduce air resistance. Evaluating is more than simply flattened and costs. There is a soft stainless steel used for sinks and tableware. The soft stainless steel is processed into aero shape by rolling cold, so the physical properties change and a strong pulling strength is created. 。 It seems like. 。 。 CX-ray is a light spoke, but the rigidity of the spoke body is not high. Instead, it has high toughness and sticky. In general, the rigidity of the spoke itself is not so important to assemble a rigid wheel, but the toughness is more important. If you have toughness, you can make a wheel set with a high spoke tension, so you can make a wheel with low power loss.
The reason I want to use SAPIM is to put this sticker on the rim. I want to paste this, so I will assemble it with SAPIM. If you assemble it, it will be easy to upload again. If you want to try it, please contact us. Junki
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