Leader Bike Complete !!!!

Good evening, mizu! ! The weather was so uncomfortable to get off and stopped today. 。 。 I thought it was raining, so I couldn't commute by bicycle today. After all bicycle commuting is good! ! It doesn't sweat in recent climate and it's fast! ! I usually lack exercise, so I can eliminate lack of exercise and do a good thing! ! So I would like to introduce the finished car of Leader Bike to those who are thinking about bicycle life! !
LEADER BIKE 725TR COMPLETE ¥ 140,000 First of all, the standard 725TR completed car Select that does not miss components with one of the clogged cars It is one that can ride enough even if it is a completed car! ! Since it is a very popular body every time, the number is decreasing considerably. In addition to the classic Black and White, Red and Green are also in stock, so please be as soon as possible! ! In addition, a new finished car will be released from Leader Bike, so I will introduce that.
Leader Bike The Cure ¥ 100,000 "THE CURE" created by a beautiful line, a pastry and a geometry design The handle is a riser bar, and the color of the frame is released with Blue, Black, White. In addition, I introduced it on BLOG the other day, but the body of this body is a part of all the sales of this frame and completed car, such as Japan and Yoroppa, is a new cancer study by Dr. Andrew Lowwee. It is donated to the funding of treatment for therapeutic drugs. We have started reservations, so if you are interested, we recommend that you make a reservation.
Leader Bike Cretin ¥ 80,000 This is also a New completed car! ! With a full -fledged frame design from 721, the drop handle is standard equipment This is also available in three colors, Orange, Black, and White! ! It is a very affordable one to be able to ride Leader Bike at this price! ! It is a very popular one, so we have started making a reservation, so everyone should be as soon as possible! ! We will introduce the detailed specifications of the new finished car. It is a perfect season for bicycles in the coming season! ! If you are looking for a bicycle, please contact us. Mizu
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