Leader Bikes 735TR COMPLETE BIKE.

Good evening!!! BROTURES's COMPLETE BIKE is 725TR, CURE, CRETIN Leader Bikes COMPLETE BIKE of 735TR is also available. The 735TR is not only for commuting or going to school, but also It is a good frame that can run enough even with trucks. LEADER BIKES 735TR COMPLETE BIKE ¥ 170,000- (+tax)
The colors are available in WHITE, BLACK, RED 3 colors. Leader Bikes 735TR, 725TR genuine component parts DEDA, a brand with a high usage even in Tour de France
Selle Italia, which is popular among saddle brands,
SUGINO, which is highly evaluated for NJS and overseas with good accuracy,
It is a high quality one assembled. Moreover, the pedal and brake are firmly attached, It is your own with ¥ 170,000- (+tax), which is less than ¥ 200,000. For those who purchase CompLete Bikes and those who purchase Custom Bikes When you buy a bicycle personally, there are products you definitely want to purchase in SET. There are many people who buy COMPLETE BIKES because they are financially difficult!? I understand the desire to get as cheap as possible The three products introduced from now are the safety of myself and bicycle, And it is a necessary part to enjoy a fixie bike It is a product that you definitely want to purchase at SET. The law has become more severe since June, but it is also for my own safety. The parts to be get Blinder 1 Front ¥ 3,150- (+tax) Rear ¥ 3,150- (+tax)
Necessary to prevent theft of bicycles European No. 1 popular key Abus Steel O-Chain ¥ 7,140- (+Tax)
You need to enjoy a fixie bike Strap that combines the pedal. Skid because you ride a piste bike If you want to be able to do tricks, you must see. BROTURES ORIZINAL ¥ 4,600- (+tax) BROTURES ORIGINAL LEATHER CAMO ¥ 7,500- (+Tax) Brotures Original Leather Black ¥ 6,500- (+Tax)
If you buy this together, you may think that the budget is over !!! Brotures can also pay with a low interest rate loan. For example, this time 735TR COMPLETE BIKE + BROTURES ORIZINAL LEATHER CAMO + Abus Abus Steel O-Chain + Blinder 1 F, R is ¥ 206,215- If you want to pay for 10,000 yen a month, it will be such a simulation.
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Please feel free to contact us as we will specify the amount of money and schedule for your request. We are waiting for you at BROTURES OSAKA. U-KI.
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