Good evening. This is JUNKI. The summer, which I should have enjoyed before I noticed, is over, and it's getting chilly, and my skin is getting more and more missing. Do you know this maker?
It is probably the first face "Corima" in Brotures. Corima is a French brand famous for carbon wheels and time trial frames established in 1973. It is a manufacturer with high technical skills to handle helicopter parts. It is a long -established carbon parts manufacturer, including release carbon disk wheels for the first time in 1988 and announcing 4 baton wheels in 1990. I received a symbolic 4 baton from such a Corima.
CORIMA 4spoke HR Front ¥ 134,000-
"Made in France" for the hub
It keeps spinning lightly.
This time, the clincher model is available. Corima uses 3K carbon with fine stitches and thick 12K carbon depending on the model, but this is a 12K carbon. As a baton wheel, it feels a bit heavy, but I think it's a wheel that can be used for a long time.
Even if you say something, this visual, I'm a bump.
I forgot a few years ago, but I looked at Mariacci's pist, I wanted a baton wheel, and four guys were good, and I bought the spinacy I am wearing now on a scholarship. It's it. smile
Even if the frame changes in various ways over time, I still use it carefully. If you are a fix, you will always yearn for baton. I am one of them. Recently, I reunited with a friend I had been riding together and suddenly felt nostalgic. After all, the baton is cool. The performance is of course important, but I have recently reconsidered that cool is the most important thing if the fist is a lifestyle.
Good. Good. The front is baton and the rear is tough with this old -fashioned like this. Wouldn't it be nice to be cool? It would be useless if the mechanism said. smile The paradox that it looks cool because the performance is good may apply. I'm floating in Corima. Because there is a wheel that I longed for.
With that kind of feeling, the first part introduction in October became weird, but only one was arrived at the store. Please enter the real thing around this weekend. Even those who can touch it will be surprisingly aggressive. I'm addicted to the store! Unusually, this song, which was hooked at that time, is goodbye! [YouTube][/youtube] Hello Junki
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