BLB NOTORIOUS 03 & 05 Baton Wheel in Stoc...

Hello! Today's lunch was a great summer day, which changed from yesterday. It's still a bit of a summer, but it's the best temperature for bicycle riding in the evening. Speaking of which, DOSNOVENTA CREW gave Instagram on Instagram, but it has just left for Japan.
Screenshot 2014-10-03 19.19.33
DOSNOVENTA I'm looking forward to visiting Japan! ! By the way, today is the announcement of BLB baton wheels! The BLB Baton WHEEL lineup arrived this time. Three batons are all about 5 batons, BLACK WHITE!
BLB Notorious 03 Carbon Wheel Front ¥ 84,000 (+Tax) BLB NOTORIOUS 03 CARBON WHEEL REAR ¥ 85,000 (+Tax) Very lightweight and looks very ◎! There is no doubt that it will stand out in the city, but I think that you will be satisfied with not only looks but also performance. The body with three batons looks like this!
I think many people yearn for this baton wheel! Personally, I recommend you put it on the front! Baton wheels have the sound of cutting the breeze peculiar to the baton, so I think you can feel the sound directly by putting it on the front! And 5 batons!
Screenshot 2014-10-03 19.29.19
Screenshot 2014-10-03 19.29.33
BLB NOTORIOUS 05 CARBON WHEEL Front ¥ 95,000 (+Tax) BLB Notorious 05 Carbon WHEEL REAR ¥ 100,250 (+Tax) The 05 baton is a little higher than three, but it has a more impactful look. It is molded with a 3K carbon and has an exquisite presence despite being a single color mat.
When you install 05, it looks like this! It is the finest baton wheel that can be satisfied with the impact! I think it will be sold out immediately because it has not arrived in large quantities. 。 。 Come on this opportunity! ! We are waiting for you at the store! Adatch
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