"The rain is cold but there is a wheeled ...

Hello! ! This week, Osaka is just raining and I really hate it. I want to get on a bicycle with a good weather soon! ! ! Today, I would like to introduce items that I definitely want to have, not only on rainy days!
It's nice to come out by bicycle, but when I wanted to go home, it was raining ... Do you have this experience? ? Of course, there is a way to get on a bicycle and get wet, but if you can, you don't want to get wet, right? ? If you have it in such a case, here is a lucky item! ! !
・ TIOGA COCOON Pouch type ¥ 4000 (+tax) It is a "ring bag" that is mainly used when traveling by train! ! I think you may go on a trip by train (such as Shinkansen). If you put your car in a ring bag and bring it with you You can go sightseeing without renting a rental car! !
It looks like this when you spread it! ! !
Screenshot 2015-06-09 13.38.43
If you round it, it will enter the backpack etc. so it is convenient to carry!
To use, remove the front wheel and put it in a ring bag! ! Piste bikes can be easily put in a wheel bag because the front wheels can be removed immediately with a spanner! ! It is a must -have item for bicycle riding! ! ! If it rains on the way home, you can return by train with confidence! ! ! Why don't you put your car in a ring bag this summer and go on a trip? ? Ayumu.
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