"Arrival information" Brotures Rip Crank.

Good evening!!! Immediately, what crank do you use for your car!? Today, "I bought a completed car, but I didn't customize anything !!!" "I haven't replaced the crank yet ..." It is a must -see blog for those who say. Please associate to the end !!! In June, Brotures original products BROTURES SHRED88/SHRED38 CARBON WHEELorBROTURES LOCKBrotures Pedal & StrapWhile back in stock one after anotherBrotures Rip CrankIs also restocked !!! BROTURES RIP CRANK STD ¥ 24,000- (+Tax)
The crank is the "heart" and the "engine" part in the car It is a very important point for bicycles. If you haven't replaced it yet, "I want you to add Brotures Rip Crank for the time being" It is the best item for both quality and price.
This crankSRAM Omunium ¥ 37,000- (+Tax)It is the same direct crank.
The direct crank has a structure in which the arm part is connected, so the stepped in is wasted, The structure is transmitted to the fullest. The crank arm is 165mm, and the chain ring has a good accurate finish without compromising. B.B is an outboard B.B, rather than the conventional bearing mounted inside the frame By attaching the bearing to the outside of the frame, it reduces the power to step on the pedal, It is this outboard BB that can run without loss. Also, those who want to drive faster are about ¥ 10,000- You can upgrade to ceramic B.B. ( * BB is not sold alone.)
The rotation is increased, and the riding is light rowing. If you want to reach the top speed as soon as possible, use this B.B as soon as possible. Those who are worried about cranks. Please consider it! ! We are waiting for you at BROTURES OSAKA. U-KI.
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