Leader Bikes 725TR Dope Custom.

Good evening!!! Leader Bikes 725TR. Before that, what is Leader Bikes!? I often hear the question, so I will introduce it. Leader Bikes is a San Diego piste brand in California, USA State -of -the -art brand that has launched an unprecedented frame !!!
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All the aero -shaped frames provided by Leder Bikes can be stable on the street It is a geometry that has been stuck in research. Aero shape, lightness, durability, rigidity, everything, simpler and stylish. It's a brand that embodies how fast and cool on the street.
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Like the Leader Bikes 725TR introduced today, The 7 series is an aero aluminum frame. A frame that can withstand the impact, react quickly, and have a lightweight oversize. When a double vattet tube is needed, it has been enhanced, but it has been painted 8 times. It also plays the role of preventing dents and scratches. In addition, 725TR, 735TR has a smooth welding paint. The welding part is inconspicuous.
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As I mentioned in various ways, I will introduce Leader Bikes 725TR Custom Bike !!! Unlike the frame 735TR corresponding to trucks and streets A very suitable frame for street rides specializing in city riding It is very easy to ride because the top tube is designed to be shorter than 735TR The down tube is thicker and narrower compared to 735TR. The durability is outstanding and you can run mainly on the city riding. Furthermore, today's custom completed car customizes carbon wheels back and forth. We have customized direct cranks that are ideal for streamlide. In addition, the important handle for customizing city riding as the main We customize highly high riser handle. Then please see. Leader Bikes 725TR Custom Bike.
It has a black and unified feeling, and the strap has a DOPE finish with an original strap CAMO pattern. At the time of shooting, the aunt group said, "It's like a tank, my brother."They said. I answered, "Yes." Isn't that a noticeable bicycle? 。 。 。 。 Let's introduce Brotures original products in the custom parts today. Original carbon wheels on the front and rear wheels. BROTURES SHRED88 CARBON WHEEL Front ¥ 54,000- (+tax) Rear ¥ 59,000- (+tax)
Original carbon diprim wheel (SHRED88) The rim height is 88mm wide, and the spoke is easy to cut the wind with a blade spoke. It makes air resistance smoother. The spokes are also shorter, so the spokes that occur It is a geometry that can be greatly reduced. The hub says Broturs, so it is full of original feeling. It is not a ball bearing, but a shield bearing, so it is easy to roll.
Original direct crank that has just arrived. BROTURES RIP CRANK ¥ 24,000- (+Tax)
PCD144/Chain Ring 49T/arm 165mm [Vimeo] https://vimeo.com/124662726[/vimeo] I will introduce it in detail on the blog, so please check here !!! ⇨Brotures Rip Crank Finally. "If you get on the fix, you want to enjoy it with a skid." For such a person, an original leather strap is a necessity. By the way, the camouflage pattern is available limited. Brotures Original Leather Strap CAMO ¥ 7,500- (+tax)
By BROTURES recognized by leather craftsmen MADE IN JAPAN pedal strap finished by hand one by one. A bold use of domestic cowhide carefully selected by craftsmen who knew leather. Also, this strap makes it easier to put your feet It is a geometry that keeps the arch without breaking the arch. The strength obtained by sticking to the thickness of the leather part It is so sturdy that it is incomparable with nylon. You will enjoy the unique aging of Nume leather. There is also an original feeling !!! The repair is also effective, so don't worry anymore if you have one point. How about today's custom car!? The total amount of this specification was ¥ 314,000-.
This price is such a cool and accurate bicycle, and this price is natural if you get BROTURES. It is one that you want to ride on a cool and fast bicycle that is different from people. There is no gasoline compared to a car, no parking fee, no stationary, It's pretty eco -friendly. I basically only act in Osaka city, so I feel that I don't need a car. I am satisfied with my bicycle. If you have a good bicycle, it will not cost you money, you will exercise, and you will be a healthy body. I think that it is difficult to convey the goodness unless you ride it. Test rides are also available, so please feel free to try to catch the staff. In addition, you can use loans with low interest rates when purchasing. If you want to pay this custom car 18 times It will be a simulation like this.
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You can buy it for "¥ 18,000-" per month. Please feel free to use. We are waiting for you at BROTURES OSAKA. U-KI.
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