"First, skid and standing !!"

Hello! ! I want customers to tell you about skids today! There was a voice, so I would like to introduce a little play on a fixie bike! before that, Yesterday, brotures supports the artist

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There was a live, so I went to see it! !
Even though it was Thursday, people could not move at all with bread bread, Thankfully, I noticed it during the live, and I was grateful for shouting "Broturs ~ !!" ! It was as cool as usual! ! ! ! I also want to go see it when there is a live in Osaka! ! And the story returns ...
・ Skid (skid) tricks that stop rowing and slide the rear wheels! ! (Drift -like movement by car) Use this skid to replace the brake or adjust the speed! ! * Use brakes rather than skids on public roads! ! It doesn't stop suddenly with a skid!
Screenshot 2015-06-19 14.37.39
・ It is a trick that stops on the spot by adjusting the standing pedal before and after! When I remembered it, I was standing for a traffic light!
Probably a standing and skid are tricks that you will learn first after starting riding a fix. ! At first I longed for skids! ! If you practice, you will be able to do it in one day! ! I taught the delivery customers today, but it was done right away! ! [YouTube] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9rdzpgakcb0kb0kb0 &list=pla_mmcjpVLKYLSVSALU0Z7QFBPWVESW2[/youtube] [YouTube] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wcpxjzqyr4[/youtube] "Doggy", who is a professional system border and rides on a piste bike, "Keijiro Kasahara" It is interesting and easy to understand, so please take a look at a standing and skid How to videos! ! We will tell you a simple trick in front of the store, so please call out anytime! ! Ayumu.
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