Hello! ! ! Recently, 725TR and 735TR have been restocked, and more people have purchased completed cars! Of course, you can ride without any problems with the finished car, but once you get used to the fixed gear, you will be able to customize the next! Today, I would like to introduce the "wheels" that can be seen most in both appearance and ride! ・ BROTURES T4 Front ¥ 95,000 (+tax) ・ BROTURES T4 Rear ¥ 99,500 (+Tax) Today, we have repeated the prototype tests for more than a year in the United States and completed. "Brotures Original T4"! ! ・ Leader Bikes 735TR COMPLETE ¥ 170,000 (+tax) This is 735TR of the finished car! ! If you set T4 based on this finished car, ... ・ Leader Bikes T4 Custom ¥ 364,500 (+Tax) It is a Custom that just changed the front and back of the finished car to T4, but there are 4 batons that are rarely seen in the city. It has an intense impact! ! ! I sometimes see three batons in Osaka, but there are no doubt that they will be noticeable because they are hard to see! ! The weight changes in an easy -to -understand manner! ! This is the weight of the completed car! ! This is too lightweight, but ... If you set T4 back and forth, ...

Dawn! ! ! 7,3kg !!!!!

Compared to the finished car, it changes as much as 1,135kg! ! ! How much changes ... Everyone loves fruit granola, about 3 bags change! ! ! With ordinary wheels, air is entangled in spokes rotating at high speed while driving, and appears as air resistance! Baton wheels reduce the number of spokes and reduce air resistance! ! Because a gyro effect is created in the direction of travel, and the tailwind has been created by the wheels, so There is a propulsion that will go on your own! ! Extremely, it feels like you're on another vehicle! ! Of course, I think it's important to set it because it looks cool! ! I can't fly like a bamboo shoot, It's faster than a bamboo copter! ! ! And the bamboo copter is charged! ! T4 has no charging! ! ! ! ! ! At the Osaka store, there are currently both front and rear, so we look forward to your visit! ! Please come to custom consultation and other consultations at any time! Ayumu.
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