Check it out !!! White Industries Urban P...

Hello!!! What I will introduce today is White Industries !! Focus on Made in USA, All production is American brands such as California, the home of the United States !!! All parts continue to produce ultra -high accuracy components that cut out CNC White Industries has been gaining a lot of support from overseas riders. Today we introduce pedals from many parts. White Industries Urban Pedal ¥ 39,000- (+Tax) It was successful (322g) to the extreme by being removed. It consists of high quality aluminum of White Industries. In addition, the details of the side part are fashionable !!! Not a strap, but a toe clip group. This is an aluminum pedal with a classic design that looks good with toe clips !!! BROTURES also offers parts that match this pedal. MKS Steel Deep Twin Clip ¥ 2,150- (+Tax) This clip is popular among overseas riders under the NJS standard. There are two places to pass through the following double straps. It is a recommended clip that is popular for bicycle racing players and overseas riders. This double strap of NJS standard. Because it is a suede fabric, it is difficult to scratch shoes, above all, NJS. How about using a toe clip and experiencing a real fixie once!? This pedal & strap is recommended to purchase with 3 points set. There is a word that fashion is from your feet, but I think so. If you customize good things to your feet, it's cool !!! Include luxurious parts and enjoy the fun of the fist !!! By all means, we are waiting for you at BROTURES OSAKA. U-KI.
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