"Be careful about the accident !! & items...

Hello! ! It's been almost a month since the traffic rules of the bicycle became severe! ! Are you running with the rules properly? ? Today, important items have been restocked even when driving on a bicycle, so I will introduce them! ! ・ KNOG Blinder 1 ¥ 3,150 (+Tax) This light can be charged with USB! ! There is no problem even on rainy days because it is 100 % waterproof! ! The charging is full in 3 hours, and if it is lit, it will glow for about 2 hours, and if it flashes, it will glow for about 11 hours! ! Have you ever experienced a car coming into contact without noticing your bicycle at night? ? It's dangerous ... In such a case, if you turn on the light ... You can also notice the other party! ! ! Light not only illuminates the night road, but also to make the other person aware It's important! ! ! ! ! Protect yourself! ! (It's a little like a driving school, Sumimasen, ...) And many people have been waiting, right? ? This handle is in stock! ! ! ! ・ CINELLI MASH Blue Horn ¥ 17,500 (+Tax) A collaboration handle between the legendary group of fixie bikes active in San Francisco and Cinneli, Italian manufacturer! ! And the shape is a bullhorn! ! Recently, the wearing rate of bullhorn has increased in Osaka! ! Because it has an aero shape, the ease of gripping and design are outstanding! ! The number is limited, so please come early! ! ! So what is CINELLI MASH's mash? ? ? Enjoy a video for people! ! ! [YouTube] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ANCPEZDZS5S[/youtube] I'm really cool, but the way of running like this video is prohibited in Japan, so it's not bad. Ayumu.
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