For those who want to experience the race...

Good evening!!! Today is the race "WolFpack Hustle" where hundreds of people held the other day participate Introducing a custom car of Renovatio used by the Leader Bikes USA team. All races for this season use Renovatio. By the way, the wheel uses a custom lace wheel of "Brotures" !!! Leader Bikes is now a brand that reigns in the top class, both in races and technology. I will keep an eye on the Leader Bikes, where cutting -edge frames are always appearing !!! By the way, today I tried to assemble Renovatio with lace specifications. Then please see. Leader Bikes Renovatio Race Custom. Let's introduce the parts quickly !!! The wheels have customized Brotures original carbon wheels before and after. BROTURES SHRED38 Front ¥ 50,000- (+tax) Rear ¥ 54,000- (+Tax) The tires are customized back and forth with a comfortable ride. WTB THICKSLICK ¥ 3,800- (+Tax) ZIPP, a limited model that is now increasing in the stem !! The number is only a few. As soon as possible. ZIPP Service Course ¥ 15,000- (+Tax) The seat post is popular and has many overseas riders and inked Thomson. Thomson SeatPost ¥ 8,400- (+Tax) The handle chooses road drops, which are increasing in the piste culture now !! Fizi: K Cyrano R3 Aluminum Drop Bar ¥ 10,340- (+Tax) The saddle was matched with Fizi: K of the same brand as the handle. Fizi: K Versus Arione ¥ 17,880- (+Tax) The crank is synonymous with the direct crank SRAM OMNIUM CRANK ¥ 37,000- (+tax) How was this "Renovatio" custom car!? The price is ¥ 370,000-. Renovatio is a frame that combines simplicity and elegant. This frame is captivated by those seeking aesthetic nuances. The rear wheel can be bitten to the last minute !!! It has the effect of reducing the wind resistance received by the rear wheel, It is a geometry that can be seen simple. Those who are worried about this frame will be completely captivated by Renovatio ... [YouTube] &NOREDIRECT=1[/youtube] "Loan simulation" Example) 18 payments You can get it for about 20,000 yen a month !!! Please feel free to use. We are waiting for you at BROTURES OSAKA. U-KI.
1-19-22 Minamihorie, Nishi Ward, Osaka City MAP
12:00-19:00 (no regular holidays)