# Inspired item restock information

Hello!!!! Today, the popular wheels from the United States have re -arrived at Brotures. Isn't there a long -awaited person!? The price has changed from the last time, and the price has risen from this arrival !!!!


Natural F ¥ 52,000- (+tax)

Natural R ¥ 54,000- (+tax)

Color F \ 68,000- (+Tax)

Color R ¥ 69,000- (+tax)

The previous blog explains the characteristics of the wheels in detail. Check out this blog. ⇨⇨⇨ Aerospoke Coming Soon !!! Why don't you customize the front or rear when purchasing a completed car!? Not only does it change its appearance, but only those who have customized AerOSPOKE can understand Riding comfort will be born. If you are a custom person, you should know !!! By the way, the price of the normal baton wheel is reasonable about ¥ 100,000. This baton wheel is low price, so it's a great deal in terms of money !!!

"Early thing wins!!!"

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