Leader Bikes 735tr Black Std Custom.

Good evening!!! Today we will introduce the Leader Bikes 735TR standard custom completed car. This is the only time when assembling from the frame Here are some parts that you want to customize the accurate PARTS. First, see the custom completed car. LEADER BIKES 735TR BLACK STD Custom Bike ¥ 238,000- Although it is a standard, the crank part of the underbody is I customize SRAM's Omnium. By customizing this part from the beginning, you will get it later. The wage is free if the crank wage including preparation is about ¥ 5,000- (+tax). It is no exaggeration to say that this crank is the most popular overseas. It is very popular in Japan, and those who exchanged this crank are all "the driving is completely different !!!" I have a voice to say. Although it is a part that looks the same, I think it is a part that will be replaced later. This crank is the perfect crank for street ride that has a stylish design. Why don't you customize it while there is stock!? How was one of the standards that changed only the crank!? Even if it's a standard part except for the crank Just changing the crank creates a luxury on the bicycle itself and speeds up. If you think it's a lie, I want you to be deceived once. You should be convinced that what you're saying is right !!! Furthermore, when this custom completed car is assembled with a loan, If you pay in the 18 -time payment, it will be such a simulation. You can get it at about ¥ 14,000 per month. Please feel free to use. U-KI.
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